Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes ministers the love of Jesus Christ to children and families in crisis.

Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes believes every child should experience the stable, nurturing love of a family. We also believe the most crucial thing we can share with a child is the love and hope of Christ. Holding these two convictions, we provide Christ-centered homes for children in hard places — children whose families are not currently able to provide the day to day care they need. We train and develop evangelical Christians to be houseparents and foster parents with the mission of not only providing safety and stability but showing Christ’s love to each child who comes into our care. Whether children are in foster care or have been voluntarily placed in one of our on-campus homes by families seeking help, we are committed to helping children and families thrive.

Core Values

Grace, Faith, & Trust
Safe Environment

“Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes has taken the initiative to bring community churches together to meet the increasing need for high-quality homes to serve children in Tennessee foster care”

Governor Bill Haslam

"We cannot imagine doing this journey with anyone else! It was important for us to have a Christian agency and a caseworker we knew would be praying for the decisions for our family. Since our initial training in 2015, we also felt led to share our foster journey which has led many families in Claiborne County also being trained through TBCH! We are forever grateful for TBCH and Kacey!"

Travis & Amanda, Foster Parents

"I don't know where I'd be today without Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes, my house parents, and all my new friends that I have made. After all I've been through, I know God has taken care of me and never left my side. My past may have been hard, but my future is in His HANDS!!"

Monique, Resident

"I never knew that God could be a part of my life; that he was always going to be there for me. I thought He was just there for the good people that would always do good things. But I came to TBCH and I saw people were coming from all kinds of places. I saw people who were going through things I was going through. And it showed me that I can grow up and be like that ... because Jesus is always there for me."

Tiffany, Resident

"How could I not be involved with TBCH? These kids are simply a picture of all of us. It is one of the greatest privileges of my entire life to serve on the Board of Trustees. God showed me that it was not because of sympathy for children who all have their own story of helplessness at some point, but rather it's because that's who I was. We have so much more in common with these children than we thought at first glance."

Jim, Board Member

Impact Stories


The Ranch at Millington

Travis & Amanda

We had been praying for 6 years about becoming foster parents. We were positive that this was a direction God was leading us. Through our jobs in education we have worked with several foster children which only strengthened our desire to eventually become foster parents. I remember looking at training dates several times, but we just…

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Faith 2018



Some people think the younger generation is lazy, but you certainly couldn’t say that about Cat, one of our residents in Brentwood. “I can not wait to get a job,” she says. Cat has been with TBCH for almost five years, four of which were on our Memphis campus. Since streamlining our West Tennessee campuses,…

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Lena’s Legacy

Lena’s Legacy

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Shayla and Selena

It’s not every day I get to witness two happy endings come together in such a beautiful way, but this was one of those days. In November 2017, we had a foster parent appreciation dinner on the Bartlett campus, and two of the children there were Shayla and Selena.   Shayla and Selena had not seen…

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Tiffany became a Christ Follower last year. “When I first came to TBCH, I was not good. I was getting in trouble at school…and I feel like TBCH gave me the power to choose ‘good.’ They were the ones to show me that doing good is not weak. So they gave me the choice to…

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After almost 3 years in foster care, Chase* was ready to be reunited with his mom and to be able to go home and live with her. At the beginning of those 3 years, both Chase and his mom had some major issues that made it unsafe for them to be together. Chase was diagnosed…

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Many Hands

There is an old saying, “many hands make light work.” One simple idea proved the wisdom of this saying recently in a special way for the houseparents at the Brentwood campus. As is the case in this ministry, sometimes there is more work to do than there are hands to do it, and so it…

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