Foster Care

The George Shinn Foster Care Program

Through our George Shinn Foster Care Program, we contract with Tennessee Department of Children’s Services to provide certified foster families for children in state custody. We carefully select evangelical Christians to serve as foster parents so children placed in their homes are cared for physically as well as spiritually. The program includes training, support, direction and advocacy by our qualified and dedicated Foster Care case managers.
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Foster Care

Becoming A Foster Parent

Thousands of children in Tennessee need safe places to call home. For many of them, foster care is the most beneficial way to meet that need. TBCH provides the necessary training, support, advocacy and resources to help that home through the approval process successfully. Contact us at to begin your journey to foster care.

Encourage A Foster Family

Families who open their homes to foster children need local support in order to be successful. Providing meals, respite care to foster parents, transportation assistance, encouragement and prayer support... find out how you can help, and check out this handy worksheet to get you started:

TBCH Foster Care Wrap Around Services

Regional Supervisors

TBCH Foster Care is divided into three regions with a Regional Foster Care Supervisors (RFCS) over each region. They oversee the recruitment and final approval of foster homes in conjunction with the Vice President of Foster Care, and provide supervision for the Foster Care Case Managers in their regions.

For West and Middle Tennessee region contact: Hanna Mead at 731-747-3700 or

For East Tennessee region contact: Kim Morgan at 865-909-7776 or