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Tiffany became a Christ Follower last year. “When I first came to TBCH, I was not good. I was getting in trouble at school…and I feel like TBCH gave me the power to choose ‘good.’ They were the ones to show me that doing good is not weak. So they gave me the choice to be bad, or to be good and follow Christ. And I chose the second one.”

Tiffany says she discovered the happiness that comes along with knowing God is working in your life. “It gives me joy and hope that I have a future, and that I can go and share my testimony with anybody and let them know that there is a way to change, and that you can go from being a really bad person, to going and helping people.”

“When I was little,” she explains ”I always knew there was a spirit telling me something. I knew that when I was doing something wrong, I knew that it was wrong…but I never knew that [God] could be a part of my life; that He was always going to be there for me. I thought He was just there for the good people that would always do good things. But I came to TBCH and I saw people were coming from all kinds of places. I saw people who were going through things I was going through. And it showed me that I can grow up and be like that… because Jesus is always there for me.”