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Some people think the younger generation is lazy, but you certainly couldn’t say that about Cat, one of our residents in Brentwood. “I can not wait to get a job,” she says. Cat has been with TBCH for almost five years, four of which were on our Memphis campus. Since streamlining our West Tennessee campuses, she’s been living in Brentwood. We were curious as to how she was adjusting, whether it was very different from campus to campus. We were surprised to hear what she missed the most: all the work.

“In Memphis we used to work outside weed-eating and raking leaves. I love to do stuff with my hands. We don’t have as much of that to do here.” Cat’s work ethic is about more than keeping busy, though. She has a younger brother living on our ranch in Millington, and she feels deeply that it’s her responsibility to do well for him.

“I’ve been through a lot. I used to be really bad. But this past year I’ve decided to grow up, to be trustworthy and honest.” Her teachers have noticed, too. One of her teachers commented on how well, and how quickly, Cat has adjusted to her new school. We were wondering if TBCH had contributed to that. Cat said, “Definitely. Everything is like a regular home here. They take care of you like you’re family. I love my houseparents, Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Audrey.”

Cat is a remarkable testament to the work our houseparents do every day, whether in Millington, Brentwood or Chattanooga. She is a mature, well-spoken, and thoughtful young lady. Sometimes, though, you get a reminder that she is still, in fact, a teenager. When asked if she would change anything about the Children’s Homes, she answered without hesitation, “the dress code!”