Randy Armour, the local Branch Manager of John Deere Landscapes, contacted me about doing something for the TBCH Chattanooga campus. Randy said he would have a group of 65 people from all over the south coming in town for the John Deere Landscapes Region 8 annual meetings. Randy wanted to meet a need by donating something, but we were also able to plan projects for the group of 65 to come on campus and do.

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On January 21st, the group spent 3 hours on our campus. Some members were able to help residents with homework, do crafts, and play football and basketball with some older residents. Others in the group were able clean, change light bulbs in the office, pull weeds, and organize our maintenance shop and wood pile areas. The biggest project of the day was the basketball goals they replaced in our gym. Not only did John Deere Landscapes donate all of the equipment, they used their time on campus to install the goals in our gym! The new goals benefit more than just our residents; they help the community as well. We are able to partner with the local YMCA and an area high school that both use our gym during certain times of the year. Hundreds of kids will be able to benefit from the service that John Deere Landscapes Region 8 has provided!