Matt was placed at the Double B Boys Ranch by his birth parents. They were having trouble in the home with Matt’s attitude and behavior. He was in an enmeshed relationship with his mother and manipulated and controlled by her. He was estranged from his father who spent most of his time with the older son.

Following placement at the Boy’s Ranch, it became evident that Matt was heavily involved in drug use. He was smoking marijuana and synthetic marijuana daily and began to use while at the ranch. After he began the program, he failed multiple drug tests and one of the most effective tools used by the ranch impacted him enough to encourage him to stop the drug use. He received consequences that included losing days of his home visits with family. Since they were important to him, he made the changes he needed to. His grades went from F’s and D’s to all A’s. His attitude and respect level changed completely when he stopped the drugs. He was able to manage his ADHD symptoms much better. He was tested regularly for drug use and continued to pass the tests.

This Christian family became more involved in a local church due to Matt’s changes and particularly saw a change when he professed Christ and was baptized.

As time progressed, he moved up the level system. The family participated in counseling in the ranch and was confronted on some difficult issues. Both parents made efforts to make the needed changes while Matt continued to move up the levels and build trust at the Boy’s Ranch as well as on home visits. He earned the privilege of working out with the high school football team in preparation for the upcoming school year and learned to manage his time appropriately with these added responsibilities.

Matt also earned the privilege of more home visits in preparation for a return home. His relationship with his father grew much closer.  The decision was made by the team and the family that he would complete the program successfully and return home at the end of the school year.

Matt’s experience is extraordinary but not uncommon. Everyday, young men come to the Ranch and learn responsibility and consequences.